Old Marylebone Town Hall ceremony

Stuart and Dominique's London elopement at the Old Marylebone Town Hall overflowed with love, adventure, and romance.

We began at the Old Marylebone Town Hall for their super intimate ceremony. The pair had intended to marry last year but had to reschedule twice. Consequently, during a December trip to America, they decided to elope to Vegas and get married on a whim! And here they were, with another Elvis present to witness the ceremony!

This Marylebone Old Town Hall ceremony was more like a vow renewal than an actual wedding ceremony. Paul, the registrar, and his colleague were emotionally invested, which made the celebration even more special. The Marylebone Old Town Hall staff's 100% commitment to providing the best service to their couples was evident.

Regent's Park / Mayfair wanders

After the ceremony, we strolled towards Regent's Park, where the couple wanted a verdant backdrop for their photos. While walking, they held hands, laughed, and whispered sweet nothings to each other, lost in the moment and the day's beauty.

Regent's Park offered beautiful photo spots, and the soft sun setting created a warm glow that amplified the intimacy of this London elopement.

As the light faded, we headed to Mayfair, where the couple hoped to capture their less conventional side and grit through an urban background. Mayfair's lively streets, bright lights, and vibrant nightlife made for the perfect backdrop for their love story. They walked hand in hand, exploring the city and soaking in the sights and sounds of their new life together.

As our time together came to an end, Stuart and Dominique acknowledged that their London elopement at the Old Marylebone Town Hall had exceeded their expectations. It was a day filled with tender love, adventure, and romance. I felt honored to have shared it with them.

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