LGBTQ+ Black Couple

Andrew and Tosin are a lgbtq+ black couple who have been together for over 10 years. A few weeks after this shoot they got married in a gorgeous Chateau in France.

Ashridge House

Ashridge House is a magnificent wedding venue situated in Hertfordshire, UK. This country estate and stately home used to be a royal residence so you can imagine the grandeur of the building, its lavishly decorated rooms as well as its luscious and perfectly kept gardens. Ashridge House is an ideal venue for anyone looking to have a luxurious wedding filled with beauty and romance. Its grand staircase in the main hall has nothing to envy the Palace of Versailles. As you can guess, it is the place that is often chosen to hold ceremonies.

The Fernery is an enchanting space in the garden made with a glass roof and supported by walls with big windows. During the day this summer house can be used for dining while admiring the Italian garden right outside. Then at night, it can be used to dine under the stars!

However, the Old Library was for me the most stunning room of the whole building. The books decorating its walls provide some old charm that adds so much character to any ceremony or reception.

The styling

In order to fit with the sumptuous location, the concept for this styled shoot was colourful and lush spring florals. 

A breakfast table had been set up in the light-filled glasshouse where green was the dominating colour. Andrew’s suit, the sofa, the cake and various other elements all complimented each other with different shades of the leafy colour. Love, elegance and style blended together perfectly. The space felt like a refreshing oasis of love and beauty.

If you are looking to get hitched at Ashridge House or re a lgbtq+ couple looking for a wedding photographer, contact me and tell me all about your plans

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