A classically elegant micro-wedding at Fitzrovia Chapel - Kate and Stephan 

Fitzrovia Chapel wedding photography

Kate and Stephen’s autumnal Fitzrovia Chapel wedding was intimate, elegant and oh, so romantic! 

That morning Kate and Stephen both got ready at home - although they were keen not to see each other ahead of the ceremony. There was a bit of a juggling act as Stephen quickly donned his Hugo Boss suit (he looked very dapper) and avoided setting eyes on his bride as he bid a hasty retreat to meet his ‘wedding team’. Yes, a wedding team, rather than the more traditional best man and ushers. I love it when a couple do away with the more gender stereotypical roles. Stephan’s best friend Doris was by his side as his ‘Best Lady’. 

Stunning Nicole Milano wedding dress

With Stephan safely out of the way Kate and her crew had the full run of the house. The rooms were so light and airy which is a photographer’s dream, it makes my job so easy! I absolutely loved the splashes of colour on their walls, ideal for photographing her beautiful Nicole Milano dress against. 

Speaking of that wedding dress, what a beauty! Classical in style but with a huge bow adorning it, the dress was elegant with a touch of drama. Kate looked amazing and I loved the reaction from her Mum and bridesmaids when they saw her in it for the first time that day. 

And I can't talk about morning prep without mentioning the cupcakes! Kate’s bridesmaid had made sure everyone would be well fed ahead of the ceremony by providing homemade cupcakes, topped with photos of Kate and Stephan! Not something I’ve ever seen before and it made everyone giggle! 

London wedding at Fitzrovia Chapel

Fitzrovia Chapel is a real hidden gem. Tucked away amidst more modern buildings in Pearson Square, this former hospital chapel has been fully restored and is absolutely incredible. It’s secular, so couples can have the grandeur of a church wedding combined with the more relaxed feeling of a civil or Humanist ceremony. The best of both worlds. 

Designed by Gothic revival architect, John Loughborough Pearson, the ornate details, soaring ceilings, gold gilded tiles and dramatic arches made for a beautiful backdrop for Kate and Stephan’s vows. With 30 guests their candle lit ceremony was so intimate and personal. It’s always a real honour to get a ‘front row seat’ to a wedding ceremony and I love capturing all the emotions, little touches and glances. Kate and Stephan couldn’t take their eyes off each other, exchanging smiles and whispered words throughout. They were in their own little world, which was wonderful to photograph. 

Chic city centre portraits

Following their ceremony - and after a beaming Kate and Stephan had been engulfed in hugs by their loved ones - it was time for a glass or two of fizz with their family and friends. After a brief catchup, their family and friends made their way over to Browns Hotel while Kate, Stephan and I stayed behind for some photographs. 

Couples adore my relaxed approach to wedding portraits. I knew that Kate was keen to spend some time with Stephan, just the two of them (ignoring me and my camera of course!) and I was more than happy to oblige. Capturing couples in that post ceremony bubble of joy, Kate and Stephan were a delight to photograph, they are so in love and natural together. I don’t think either of them stopped smiling all day! 

After spending some time in the chapel we made our way over to the Royal Arcade, a glass covered Victorian shopping arcade in Mayfair. We strolled along, with Kate and Stephan taking in the congratulations and well wishes from passers by, always a highlight of a city centre wedding!

Wedding at Fitzrovia Chapel

It was wonderful to play a part in Kate and Stephan’s Fitzrovia Chapel wedding day and I adored photographing  their ceremony in such a unique and beautiful venue as Fitzrovia Chapel. If you’re planning your own intimate wedding in London then I would love to hear from you


Venue - Fitzrovia Chapel / Browns Hotel

Catering - Browns Hotel

Hair - Emma Kim

Makeup - Kelly Dawn Bridal Makeup

Flowers - Lavendar Green

DJ - Jayson Norris

Kate’s outfit - Jimmy Choo shoes / Nicola Milano wedding dress

Stephan’s outfit - Hugo Boss suit

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