Mallorca beach couple shoot

Mallorca wedding photographer – Taylor and Noah

As I write this Storm Pia is currently bringing the UK to a halt. I’m loving being able to reminisce about sunshine, holidays and spending time in one of my favourite places. As we’re in the depths of winter, it definitely feels like the right time to share Taylor and Noah’s beautifully warm and sunny Mallorca shoot! 

Destination Weddings on Mallorca

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time on Mallorca. My partner was living out there. As a result I was really able to experience the island as a ‘local’ rather than a tourist. I fell completely in love with it.

Since then I’m putting plans in place to relocate to Mallorca. In the meantime I am fully embracing every opportunity to practice my (rather basic but definitely getting better) Spanish! Before my big move happens I’m continuing to split my time between London and Mallorca – it’s such a quick and easy flight from the UK –  so I really am getting the best of both worlds and shooting weddings in both countries. 

Sunset couple’s shoot on Mallorca

Taylor and Noah are from California, they were over in Mallorca on holiday. They booked me for a sunrise and sunset couple’s session. They’re already married so this was a chance for them to get some new professional photographs and enjoy the island first thing in the morning. It’s so quiet and peaceful at that time, we had the beach to ourselves. 

The shoot took place in and around Arta. Arta is a picturesque town tucked away in a valley, just a few kilometres from the sea. We began the day in the town then headed on the beach. It was a small cove with towering cliffs and incredible views out over the Balearic Sea. The sun was just peeking over the horizon when we met up and the light was amazing. 

Taylor and Noah are a real joy to spend time with, as well as being complete naturals in front of the camera. We explored Arta, the winding streets and traditional whitewashed houses were the perfect backdrop. As the sun began to set we headed up to the cliff tops, I wanted to make the most of the beautifully soft, golden light. Taylor and Noah embraced, twirled and laughed together in front of one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve experienced. I knew we’d captured something really exquisite. 

Destination wedding photographer, Mallorca

I can’t think of a more tranquil and idyllic place than Mallorca for a destination wedding. The varying landscapes, the charming, romantic villages and the incredible beaches mean there is no shortage of places to capture wedding photographs. Even though it’s a busy tourist destination I know plenty of areas off the beaten track where we can stay away from the crowds and take in some amazing views. As an added bonus, the fact it is a popular location for holiday makers means that there’s no shortage of activities, restaurants and hotels to choose from. I’m a big advocate for really making the most of the time you and your wedding guests are together and, with that in mind, have put together a blogpost detailing some of the best activities on the island. From cultural trips and cooking classes to golf days, hiking, spa trips and beach yoga there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re thinking of a destination wedding please get in touch, I’ve got plenty of tips and I’d love to chat to you about your wedding photography. Come and explore Mallorca with me!