A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to capture one of the most beautifully liberal wedding. It was a same sex Indian-British wedding. As soon as James and Hira told me about their Barbican conservatory fusion wedding, it was obvious that it would be a feast for all senses! They chose to hold their wedding
celebrations in the stunning Barbican Conservatory in the center of London, a green haven in the magnificent brutalist building.

Barbican Conservatory Wedding
Not only the Barbican Conservatory is a place of calm and nature but it is also right in the middle the city. Just like the seamless colliding of their two different backgrounds, getting married in a space where greenery and concrete live harmoniously is the contrast that attracted James and Hira.

Upon the guests' entrance, the sound of tabla and sitar was resonating in the
Barbican Conservatory. Indeed, the couple hired a duo of musicians that gently transported us to the Indian part of their wedding. Once everyone was clearly settled in the Indian mood, families shared their own piece of flora and had a traditional garland ceremony. A garland ceremony is a ritual where respective members of each family exchange flower garlands in order to symbolise the union of both families. This was such a touching and powerful moment!

Another key point of holding a wedding at the Barbican Conservatory is that it allows the wedding celebrations to occur in different spaces in the same building. While the garland ceremony took place in the lush garden room, the official wedding ceremony was hosted in the terrace above.
Afterwards, the guests all headed outside in the Lakeside picnic garden for some refreshments. Meanwhile, James, Hira and I took this opportunity to explore the secluded places of the garden room, take a few couple pictures and really take in what had just happened... They were a married couple!!! Undeniably, there is something extra special capturing the wedding of two people who grew up thinking that this day would never happen for them.
Later in the afternoon, an Indian percussionist started playing out of nowhere. What a wonderful surprise! This surprise delighted both the guests and all the Barbican's visitors who for a moment all felt part of this beautiful celebration.
Eventually, we all headed back to the garden room wide eyed, laughing and dancing to the rhythm of the music.
After this little knees up, it was time for the wedding breakfast. And now it was the turn of a jazz trio to entertain us.

Undeniably, fusion wedding are incredibly rich in so many wonderful ways! And I'm super grateful to James and Hira for choosing me to photograph their special day and enable me to experience all these traditions.

If you would like to celebrate your same sex Indian wedding, or any wedding in fact, in an oasis of calm in the middle of the concrete jungle of London, don't hesitate to contact me!

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