Maria and James had a sumptuous Asylum Chapel fusion wedding. First, they gathered their nearest and dearest at the stunning Asylum Chapel in Peckham for a very heart felt ceremony. This was followed by a reception at the Counting House near Bank station.

Getting ready at the Counting House

The day started at the the iconic Counting House where Maria and her girls and son got ready. Perfectly located in the center of London, it made it very easy to access. It's fantastic interior set up the tone for the very elegant day ahead.

Wedding ceremony at the Asylum Chapel

Once Maria was ready, we made our way to Peckham.
The room was decorated with its usual candles. Added to that was some flamboyant bouquets of white roses and touches of burgundy to match the bridesmaids dresses. It was a late afternoon ceremony and the light was soft.
On the guests' arrival, a harpist was filling the air with delicate music and already transporting us in what would be one of the funniest and most personal ceremony ever! The
Kathryn led a humanist ceremony filled with details about their very unique relationship. Then the bride's spiced up the ceremony even more with a reading by Tim Pratt called A Scientific Romance.
Here is a quote of my favourite part of the poem:
If I became lost in
the multiverse, exploring
infinite parallel dimensions, my
only criterion for settling
down somewhere would be
whether or not I could find you:
and once I did, I’d stay there even
if it was a world ruled by giant spider-
priests, or one where killer
robots won the Civil War, or even
a world where sandwiches
were never invented, because
you’d make it the best
of all possible worlds anyway,
and plus
we could get rich
off inventing sandwiches.

Wedding Reception at the Counting House

After the ceremony, a few refreshments and a handful of group pictures, the couple arranged a double decker to carry the guests back to the Counting House. Going across London from one of these red bus is such an authentically London experience! In order to have an even more fun ride, the couple provided drinks too!

Not only is the Counting House a great place for getting ready but its pub's atmosphere is perfect for some extravagant celebrations! It has giant chandeliers hanging from the very high ceiling and quirky giant bar right in the middle of the room give the room so much elegance. They completed Maria and James’ outfit perfectly!

At the end of the night, we went for a little stroll in the streets nearby for a short couple session. It felt nice for the couple to take some time out and reflect on this day full of emotions!

What the couple says about their pictures ‘ Our favourite thing is how authentic they feel - they really represent us and the atmosphere of the day!’

So if you’re also planning a fusion wedding wedding in the Asylum Chapel in Peckham and would like some unique pictures that really represent you hola at me! I’d love to capture them for you!

Celebrant: Kathryn
Venue: Asylum Chapel / The Counting House
Hair & make up: Bev from Makeupology
Harpist: Melissa Adriana Parmar
Dress: Coast
Suit: Favour Brook
Flowers: Bellenden florist
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Asylum chapel wedding
Asylum chapel wedding

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