Kelsey and Mayowa are an American couple who had a Nigerian / Yoruba Italy wedding.
With a deep love for travel, they ventured to Umbria, Italy, a few years ago. As a result, they decided that this would be the ideal location to embark on the next chapter of their lives together. Thus, the decision was made ; Umbria would serve as the backdrop for their unforgettable wedding. A celebration that would seamlessly blend two distinct cultures: the United States and Nigeria.

Castello de Rosciano Wedding

Situated on top of a hill, Castello de Rosciano provided the perfect setting for this extraordinary wedding. Even though the guests were from all four corners of the world, the breathtaking views from the castle left all of them mesmerised

Kelsey, is from the United States. Mayowa's roots trace back to Nigeria. Together, they crafted a wedding that celebrated their love but also beautifully united their cultural heritages. In order to honor their diverse backgrounds, they embraced a unique approach - a double celebration.

Nigerian/Yoruba Italy wedding

The festivities commenced with a traditional Nigerian/Yoruba wedding ceremony in the morning, followed by a Western ceremony in the afternoon.

Indeed, the traditional Nigerian ceremony stood as a testament to the couple's deep respect for family and tradition. The couple, alongside their friends and family, wholeheartedly embraced the lively and vibrant atmosphere. Dressed in traditional Nigerian/Yoruba attire, they enthusiastically participated in all the rituals.

Among the many meaningful Yoruba customs, one particularly poignant moment saw the groom and his groomsmen humbly prostrate before the bride's family. This symbolised their profound respect and honor. Accompanied by her bridesmaids, the bride gracefully entered the ceremony, seeking blessings from both families. Then, the ceremony unfolded amidst joyful dancing, the exchange of proposal and acceptance marriage certificates, and a plethora of other Yoruba wedding traditions.

Nigerian/Yoruba ceremony

Moreover, the entire ceremony flowed seamlessly, thanks to the graceful guidance of the Alaga. She is a charismatic and entertaining MC who transformed the event into a performance reminiscent of the West End. This lively celebration even featured a live goat. A charming addition that added authenticity to the proceedings without any harm done.

As the photographer capturing the essence of this remarkable wedding, I was wholly immersed in the festivities. I swayed to the rhythm with the aunties, lent my voice to the wedding party's melodies, and enthusiastically cheered for the incredibly jubilant couple.

Here are some of the families feedback

‘Absolutely gorgeous photos 😍❤️. Thank you for doing such a fab job for my family. You are so talented’ 

It was a day overflowing with love, joy, and a harmonious blend of cultures. A memory that is forever etched in my mind.

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