Sinead, Tom and their little one-year old are a very relaxed family based in East London. They wanted a simple wedding where the focus would simply be to enjoy each other’s company, have lots of space for children to be able to run around (so adults can enjoy each other’s company…) and lots of flowers!

Their London wedding took place at the Old Dairy, a quirky space tucked away in the streets of East London. It which used to host some of East London’s dairy cows but has now turned into a modern warehouse wedding venue. Pretty cool place to tie the knot isn’t it?

Its spaciousness, minimalist decor and bare white walls, make it the perfect canvas for any alternative couple willing to create a wedding that is totally themselves.

For this laid back London wedding, the bride’s mum spent months growing flowers in her garden to have them ready for the big day and make sure the place looked beautifully unique and it definitely did!

Less is more would very well sum up this modern wedding.

Sinead’s wedding dress was classy and minimalist, one that allows the bride to feel exactly like herself on her big day. 

After an emotional ceremony full of love of laughter, we all moved to the front room for drinks and chats. For an even deeper feel of that industrial chic magic, the couple and I wandered around the streets of East London for a few couple pictures and a little moment of calm, away from all the hustle and bustle.

On our return, the main room got turned into a reception room for a decadent pizza and charcuterie feast, embarrassing speeches, and a groovy dancefloor!

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