Let me introduce you to Marc & Markus, who are one of the most stylish couple I got to photograph.
We initially met one morning over coffee to get to know each other. When they told me not only about their intimate London wedding in Chelsea but also about their suits, matching shoes and more importantly the tons of confetti, as an modern wedding photographer, I was immediately sold!

A few weeks later, their civil partnership took place in the Chelsea Old town Hall‘s Harrington room where they had only their 2 witnesses. In the meantime, the rest of the guests were waiting outside with the aforementioned confetti and it didn’t disappoint.
Indeed, this brightly dressed same sex couple floating in this cloud of colours was quite a showstopper. As a matter of fact, the traffic did stop, bus passenger were taking photos and almost the whole King’s Road was covered in confetti, it was nothing short of magical!
After the extravagant spectacle, we then had a stroll around the lovely streets of Chelsea for a couple photo session. Once again, the pair again got lots of compliments and put a smile of many faces! Once finished, we walked back toward the reception venue, Beaufort house which is a very stylish place.

Markus and Mike are both flight attendants and as a result they had friends coming from the four corners of the globe. So Mike explained “Many of our guests had never met each other before or sometimes didn’t even speak the same language since they came from many different countries just to be with us. There was only 40 guests but 14 different languages all together and they all came from eight different countries! As we are an international couple, I would say that our wedding was an urban modern multicultural event and a reflection of the current society that we live in.”

As a matter of fact, these words rang particularly true to me. The reason I am an modern wedding photographer is to represent society as it is today in all its diversity.

Additionally, you can also see them on Rock N Roll Bride.

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