Helen and Kurtis were married at the lovely Marylebone Old Town Hall in October. This wonderful, laid-back couple were so determined to tie the knot that they planned and executed a wedding during a pandemic. Even though they had a ‘Covid wedding,’ a small London wedding was always on the cards for them, so the restricted guest list wasn’t a problem. Helen and Kurtis decided to keep it local and support small businesses, which was amazing to see during such trying times. Helen’s flowers were from the creative geniuses at Sage in Peckham, Kurtis’ suit was from their local tailor in South East London, and their photographer (me!) from Brixton! 

Have a scroll through some of my top picks from Helen and Kurtis’ day below.

They got married in the Westminster room at Marylebone, which was spacious enough to accommodate their 28 guests whilst socially distancing. Even though the guests wore face masks, their eyes told of the smiles beneath them. As well as keeping a distance from one another, some other measures were put in place, like hands being sanitised before the couple held the pen to sign the registrar. However, no amount of caution could put a dampener on the day, as everyone continued to have a great time, and the determination for everyone to be there and be happy despite the current circumstances created a bond between the guests. Love – 1, Covid – 0!

After a lovely walk around the Marylebone Old Town town hall to get some couples photos, we took a taxi to Hyde Park, where they had their super relaxed alternative wedding reception: a picnic! The spread was provided by Pique, who made the experience effortless for everyone involved. They found a free spot in the park, set down some blankets and laid out the food and drink; all the guests had to do was turn up and enjoy. It suited the wedding perfectly and was a lot of fun to capture as a modern wedding photographer. 

Despite an early version of their wedding plans entailing a big barbecue and a party at a pub with all of their friends and family, Helen and Kurtis still had an amazing day with those closest to them in the end. Celebrating love in these uncertain and difficult times makes it even more special to be a part of and photograph. Sometimes it is easier and works out better if you just go with the flow despite everything, as long as celebrating the love between you and your partner is at the heart of your plans, no matter how many times they may change. 

Another beautiful wedding for the books. Thanks, guys! 

• Helen’’s Outfit: dress from the sustainable brand Reformation, tailored by her Mum
• Hair: Bryony from Blo 
• Kurtis’ Outfit: Made by a local tailor, Mark Banks
• Cake: Lily Vanili (decorated with flowers from Sage)

If you are looking for a modern, creative documentary photographer for your intimate wedding, your micro wedding or your London elopement, give me a shout, I’d love to hear from you!

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